How To Dispose Of Your Old Mattress

How To Dispose Of Your Old Mattress

Do you want to dispose of your old mattress? Commonly, many of us want to replace our old mattress with a new one. It is also essential because the old mattresses lose their quality after a particular time. However, according to research, there are many people every year who dispose of their beds in landfills and many with other methods. But it is clear that the rate of mattress disposal is very high, and a significant number participate in junk removal every year.

Many of us want to know the right way to dispose of the old mattress as it is a significant object they can not dispose of in the garbage bin or burn in the backyard of their house. So what is the right approach for disposing of the old mattress?

Here we will share some practical methods for disposing of the old mattress and not burden your shoulder.

So let’s dive into details


Recycling the old mattress is one of the effective ways to dispose of the old mattress. In addition, the recycling process helps to make many other valuable items. Cut the pieces of the old mattress and fill them in wood frames. You can recycle the mattress with tons of ideas according to your requirement. Moreover, one effective way to make a single bed mattress is by cutting the double bed mattress from the centre. It helps host the guests and also for chilling in the balconies.


If you want to get a new mattress, then charity is also the best option. Donate your old mattress to nearby organizations. So many organizations in almost every region do social work. Moreover, you can also donate your old mattress to the effect of natural disasters like floods. Ensure that you present your old mattress if it is reusable.


Reselling the old mattress is also a great option instead of disposing of it in the landfills. Many shops offer resell opportunities in the markets. They buy old mattresses and then recycle them for different purposes. So you can resell your old mattress at a valuable price. Keep in mind the cost of your old mattress depends on its conditions. The buyers check the quality of the old mattress and only buy it if they find it suitable for their different purposes.


Every house demands different things to enhance its maintenance. Use your old mattress for repurposing like decorating, garden cushioning, making small sittings, and many more. However, there are tons of ideas for repurposing and enhancing the beauty of your home.

Waste disposal company

If you want to reduce the burden from your shoulders, hiring a waste disposal company is the best option. They have the appropriate method for disposing of the waste, including the old mattress. There are tons of waste disposal companies who get the old mattresses and effectively dispose of them in the right way. However, they also take the bed from your home, so you need to contact them to dispose of your old mattress.


By summing up the above discussion, we hope you understand the proper method for disposing of the old mattress. Ensure that you choose the right way to dispose of your old mattress according to its condition. You can opt in for mattress disposal by hiring mattress clearance company in London.